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Earthing & Bonding

LPI® provides an extensive range of earthing products for the installation of a low impedance earthing system. Whether you are installing a dedicated lightning earth or a facility earth grid it is essential to ensure personnel safety and provide an effective earth which will limit disruptions to services.

LPI® Exoweld exothermic welding process is a safe and efficent way of providing a permanent connection between conductors. LPI offers a full range of earthing products including copper bonded steel earth rods, clamps, tapes, braids and pre - engineered ground grids and meshes, along with chemical earth rods. LPI also offers earthing accessories such as earth enhancing compounds, earth pits and earth bars, and transient earth clamps for equipotential bonding.


 Earthing & Bonding Products

EPR Safety Mat Earth Rods and
Earth Pits
Earth Enhancing
 Chemical Rods