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Lightning Protection for Service Vessels


LPI were contacted to help protect these service vessels in dock and whilst travelling. In the past, due to direct lightning strikes, the radio communication equipment had been badly burnt by surges. This resulted in significant investment loss to the company.

The Brief

A lightning protection solution was needed to prevent the vessels from being struck directly by lightning, and yet it needed to provide them with a specific lightning discharge path where they can discharge the lightning current safely to the hull of the vessel.

By doing so, it is preventing the surge current from inducing the power and signal lines, especially those antennas that are installed at the top of the vessels.

The Outcome

LPI proposed a complete solution including Power and Signal SPDs to protect their communication equipment and direct strike protection using our Guardian Air Terminal with HVSC Plus cable, this allows lightning current to travel safely into the hull of the vessel body.

Since installation of the Guardian air terminal and proper routing for the HVSC Plus cable, there has been no surge & lightning damage recorded.

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