LPI HVSC Cable Reproductions

An announcement regarding the copying of LPI’s HVSC Cable -

Down to Earth Conference
Image: Down to Earth Conference

Thank you for everyone who took the time to visit LPI at the Down to Earth Conference in Newcastle, NSW.  LPI's Dr Franco gave a great presentation on our new Guardian Plus Air Terminal technology.
If you would like any information on other upcoming conferences and expos LPI are going to attend or if you want more info aobut our new Guardian Plus Air Terminal please contact


LPIĀ® Guardian Plus Product Release
Image: LPIĀ® Guardian Plus Product Release

LPI is pleased to announce the product release of the Guardian Plus protection solution for HV power facilities. LPI has undertaken an extensive R&D program over several years in the lead up to the product release. This program included a rigorous test program in a state-of-the-art high voltage laboratory, simulating the effects of a thunderstorm and the descent of lightning in order to prove prototype performance. The testing was completed at the “National Engineering Laboratory for Ultra High Voltage Technology” (NELUHVT), located near Kunming in China. High voltage testing included corona performance under static electric fields and upward leader initiation under dynamic fields.

Please visit “Guardian Plus” at the LPI product page for full details on the Guardian Plus protection solution.

Australian Engineering Excellence Awards Tasmania
Image: Australian Engineering Excellence Awards Tasmania

In our first year of having an entry in the Australian Engineering Excellence Awards Tasmania, LPI are proud to announce that last night we were awarded the High Commendation for Small Business Ventures and Projects.
This award is a huge credit to our Engineering team and was received due to all of the time and hard work that they put into researching, testing and creating our new Guardian Plus Air Terminal.
We are very honoured that we were acknowledged for our continual product improvements and ever expanding product range in our first year of participating in these awards.
Well done, Team!


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