The Australian Newspaper
Image: The Australian Newspaper

Our very own Dr Franco D'Alessandro has recently been quoted in our national newspaper “The Australian”.  As our Chief Technology Officer and his position on various lightning standard committees, Franco is often called upon to comment or interview for articles. 
This article is about a family of 4 in QLD who took cover from a storm under a rotunda, the rotunda was hit by lightning and tragically killed Kane Bennett.  Franco speaks about the standards and his views on how far we should go to protect all structures from lightning.


The link to the article is below:


If you  have any questions about your own safety and protection please contact



LPI YUMI New Manufacturing Robot
Image: LPI YUMI New Manufacturing Robot

LPI is very pleased and excited to join the league of leading companies like Foxconn, ResMed, and ABB.  We have recently invested in cutting edge robotics from ABB Robotics to complement the existing fleet of Fanuc equipment.

Contract and OEM manufacturers of high technology equipment are moving in the direction of collaborative robots for product manufacture.

You can see our YUMI collaborative robot in the link below undertaking some prototype assembly of a new Surge Protection product line prior to world scale production.


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