Lightning Protection International Pty Ltd (LPI) is an Australian owned manufacturer and supplier of lightning protection, surge protection and earthing products.

Our products and services support a broad customer base including tier one principals in the infrastructure, utilities, construction and resource sectors.

Products and Services

  • Lightning Protection including active air terminal technology, flat tape systems in compliance to AS 1768 and UL listed smooth weave system
  • Surge and Transient Protection products including a broad range of Bluetooth supported SPD’s and surge filters
  • A comprehensive range of earthing hardware, including earth rods (copperbonded & stainless steel), earth enhancing compounds, pits, clamps, meshes, bonds, earth bars and conductors
  • Experienced team of engineers offering consultancy and design services for site audits, lightning protection and earthing system analysis

Explore our site and register to our Specifiers’ Corner for further details on the products and services LPI can provide.