LPI’s Chief Technology Officer, Dr Franco D’Alessandro, recently gave a presentation to the JEEP meeting at the Engineers Australia auditorium in Perth. The presentation was entitled “Power and lightning protection earthing systems: improving performance with earth enhancing compounds”. More than 100 attendees turned up for the event and there were many good questions asked at the end of the talk. Clearly, there is a lot of interest in earthing, which is sometimes looked at as a “black art”.

Categories Covered in this specific seminar are as follows –

  • Introduction
  • Types of Earth Enhancing Compounds
  • Characteristics of bentonite-based EECs
  • High-performance bentonite-based EEC: physical,
    electrical and chemical characteristics
  • Independent laboratory testing
  • Independent long-term field (“real world”) trials
  • Conclusions

Anyone seeking more details about the presentation can simply contact the LPI office at +61 3 6281 2475 Or on the info@lpi.com.au email address.